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3ADM CNC Drilling, Marking, Cutting Line

The Best Value Drill Lines Anywhere!

The 3-spindle model is the ideal choice for maximum time savings on your drill line. With this model, holes can be drilled on the drawing direction while the material remains idle, which means you can make drills without any drive of the profile. There are also four tool-changing systems with four-tooling capacity for each spindle. These benefits (and many more) translate into huge time savings.

Akyapak 3 ADM 1200 CNC Beam Drilling, Marking and Cutting Lines handle material up
to 1200mm (50”) wide by 500mm (20”) high.
These should be considered as an integrated CNC controlled Beam Processing System with Full line of Drilling Line.

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Product Specifications

Standard Configuration:

  • Infeed conveyor- 12 mt
  • Drilling Center
  • Outfeed Conveyor12 mt
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Beam Measurement System
  • Tool Changer ( 3 x 4 in each station)

Optional Stations

  • Extension for Infeed & Outfeed 16 mt – 20 mt
  • Marking Station
  • Scribing or Dot Marking Unit
  • Bandsaw Station
  • Angular (-45 +60) grades
  • Transfer Table Infeed & Outfeed