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FMS Power Series Press Brake

Precision + Performance


  • 3-Axis (Y1, Y2, X)
  • Standard CNC X-Axis Back Gauge, Manual R-Axis
  • Optional CNC R-Axis
  • Available from 44-550 Ton Models
  • 2D CNC Touch Screen Controls
  • Lengths from 4 ft - 20 ft
  • Precision Built in. + .0004" Ram Repeatability
  • Custom tonnages and sizes available upon request*

Product Specifications

Standard Equipment

  • 3 axis CNC, Y1,Y2, X, optional R
  • Precision Built In. + .0004″ Ram Repeatability
  • Mono-Block steel construction body
  • Hydraulic proportional valve technology that provides high accuracy using precision linear scales on each axis.
  • Automatic calibration
  • Rapid, single axis back gauge 39.5″ travel with ball screw shafts
  • Hydraulic cylinders that are manufactured from a solid block of 4140 steel, honed and chrome plated.
  • Quick tool change system suitable for American or European Tooling. Wila Tooling System available on request
  • Siemens electric System
  • Side protection guards that comply to CE standards
  • Back safety light barrier
  • 2 sliding front support arms
  • Maximum 4 axis Y1, Y2, X & optional R
  • 2 back gauge fingers
  • Mobile foot pedal for single and semi-automatic operation
  • Machine frame is manufactured using a 5-axis machining system with a single point reference to insure overall accuracy and parallelism

Optional Accessories

  • Increased stroke & open height
  • Additional throat depth
  • 3D Graphic CNC with offline software, networking, DXF & IGES file conversion
  • CNC R axis
  • Manual or CNC crowning systems
  • Hydraulic oil cooler and heater
  • Special bed design for tooling applications
  • Wila hydraulic clamping for upper and lower beam
  • Wila precision tooling
  • Tooling storage cabinet
  • AKAS safety systems for operator protection
  • Additional back gauge fingers and front support arms
  • Special length and/or heavy tonnage machines in single or tandem configurations
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Increased X Axis travel to 39″
  • Die holders and special tooling