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FMS V-Cut Series

Truly Rugged Performance and Flexibility

FMS V-Cut Series variable rake shears are designed for the most demanding applications offering the most flexibility in cutting choices available. The variable rake angle feature allows the operator to cut different plate thicknesses and types of metal with the optimal set-up specific to each situation. No more compromise! Flat parts with little to no distortion.

Product Specifications

Standard Features

Include squaring arm, front support arms, shadow light, CNC Control, Power Blade Gap, Power Rake Adjust, Automatic Stroke Length, Roller Balls in Table Top, Rear Safety Light Curtain, Large throat, precision ballscrews in backgauge, Siemens electrical system, HCHC blades.

Options Available

Front Angle Gauge, Sheet Conveyor and Stacking System, Sheet Support System at the back (to support thin sheets during cutting), Oil Cooler and Oil Heater, Light Barriers on the front for finger protection, Laser Cutting Line.