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Optima® Series Water Jet Cutters

The Perfect Combination of Durability & Simplicity

The Optima® Series water jet cutting system is the newest SEMYX water jet cutter for sale. This system has a durable industrial design designed for extreme precision, while maintaining a simple operating interface.

Product Specifications

Heavy Duty Tank:

Heavy Duty Tank

The separate waterjet tank feature allows for extra weight on the tank. This feature also presents the option to have a unique design for the tank utilizing distinctive needs such as the accommodation of extra thick or delicate parts.

Ball Screws:


Precision ball screws feature high reliability and repeatability. They are highly efficient and increase precision and accuracy while reducing motor wear. Other benefits include low friction and noise, backlash elimination is an option, robust design, and customized safety devices with lubricating options.

Precise Rigid Design:


Rotary nut for parallel access enclosed in a strong aluminium gantry guided by precision flat guide ways.

Front Rollers:


Front rollers allow for easy loading and unloading of materials.


  • 5-Axis Head
  • Tilting Head
  • Drill Attachment
  • Auto Height & Anti Collision
  • Dual Cutting Head
  • Dual Z-Axis Head
  • Pneumatic Lifting Arm
  • Laser Edge Finder
  • Burny Controller
  • Abrasive Removal System
  • Closed Loop Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Chiller
  • Remote Controlled Pendant
  • Water Level Tank


CNC-control with CAM integrated software
This CNC control is especially developed for waterjet cutting. It comes with a fully embedded CAM package.

Product Specs:

Infinity Series
X-Axis Cutting Stroke mm (in)
1600 (63″)
2000 (78″)
2000 (78″)
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke mm (in)
1600 (63″)
3000 (120″)
4000 (158″)
Z-Axis Stroke mm (in)
180 (7″)
180 (7″)
180 (7″)
Footprint Width mm (in)
3130 (123″)
4530 (178″)
5650 (223″)
Footprint Length mm (in)
2400 (95″)
2800 (111″)
2800 (111″)
Accuracy mm (in)
0.05 (0.002″)
0.05 (0.002″)
0.05 (0.002″)
Repeatability mm (in)
±0.025 (±0.001″)
±0.025 (±0.001″)
±0.025 (±0.001″)
AC Servo Motors
AC Servo Motors
AC Servo Motors
Motion for X-Axis
Ball Screw
Ball Screw
Ball Screw
Motion for Y-Axis
Ball Screw
Ball Screw
Ball Screw