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FMS G Series XS CNC Controlled Profile Machining Center

Best-in-class cutting machine from FMS

The 3-axis FMS G Series XS offers a processing capacity of (200mm x 200mm) and can operate in -90°, 0°, and +90° angles. The FMS G Series XS is a state-of-the-art machine that delivers a wide spectrum of solutions to the machine operator and is developed to carry out all-in-one milling, drain channel opening, punching, branding, and end milling operations on aluminum and PVC profiles. In addition, it can perform special non-standard operations on different profiles.

Product Specifications


  •      CNC controlled profile machining center
  •      Used for performing milling, drain channel opening, drilling, branding, and milling processes on aluminum and PVC profiles.
  •      Specific operations on different profiles
  •      CNC-based control system(B&R)
  •      Ability to process at fixed angles of -90°, 0°, and +90°
  •      Automatic tool replacement
  •      Automatic magazine for 8 tools
  •      Automatic clamping positioning
  •      ACOPOSmulti servo system (B&R)
  •      Touch screen
  •      Remote access
  •      High processing capacity to increase efficiency
  •      Three axis

Operational Equipment


  •      FRL
  •      Automatic lubrication in processing area
  •      Profile processing program (camQuix)
  •      Touch screen
  •      Automatic tool replacement
  •      Automatic magazine for eight tools
  •      Automatic clipping positioning
  •      ACOPOSmulti servo system (B&R)


  •      Automatic lubrication
  •      Additional tool
  •      Optional length on x-axis