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Plasma cutters are the heart and soul of many machine tool shops and fabricating operations in the United States today, and having a good quality plasma cutting machine at the ready is essential for success. For many shop owners, used CNC plasma cutters offer the perfect balance of capability, flexibility, and value—all at a fantastic price point. At FMS, we maintain a fresh supply of good condition, used plasma cutters for sale at all times, and we also offer any and all accessories you might need for your machine, such as consumable goods or replacement parts.

But one of the primary benefits of buying a used CNC plasma cutting machine from FMS is that you also get access to our top-notch machine service and support. Our expert team of technicians operate under the simple, yet effective, principle that we don’t sell what we can’t service. This gives our customers the peace of mind, knowing that their investment is sound and will continue to work well for them for years to come.

Check out our used plasma cutting machine inventory below to find the best solution for you.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We are constantly rotating our inventory and have a fresh supply of plasma cutters for sale. We can even help you locate the right used plasma cutting machine for you. It is not uncommon for us to find the right machine for our customers in only a matter of days. Just tell us what you’re looking for by giving us a call or filling out our online quote form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our current stock of used CNC plasma cutters

Used AKS ACCU-KUT Plasma Table For Sale

Priced to Move

Available Immediately! We have a used AKS ACCU-KUT plasma table for sale, and it is priced to move. Plasma tables are a good investment for any fabricating machinery shop that needs a high-speed way to cut through metals of varied thickness and through curved, or angled, profiles such as tubes and beams.
Model: Kaliburn ProLine 2200
Type: Used Plasma Tables
Year: 2005
Condition: Not Specified
More Info: 2005 AKS ACCU-KUT 6'x12' / Kaliburn ProLine 2200 CNC Hi Definition Plasma Table. Available Immediately. Priced to Move.

What to keep in mind as you search for your next used plasma cutter

When buying a plasma cutter, there are many factors that you must keep in mind. Our fabricating machine specialists at FMS recommend that you take all of these into account before making a purchase. For example: Does the CNC plasma cutter provide the necessary level of cutting precision for your particular needs? Is it the best machine for cutting the type of materials you work with? Have you taken into account future costs for consumable goods and parts? Each of these factors will play a huge role in ensuring you get the right machine that will serve you well for years to come.

At FMS, you’re not on your own when answering these questions. Our plasma cutting specialists will help you answer all of these questions before you make the purchase. We can even go deeper and help you find the very best solution for you, your space, and your unique requirements—all the while saving you precious time and your hard-earned money. We take pride in each and every plasma cutter sale, and we do our best to ensure you receive only the very best machines, customer care, and ongoing support.

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