Why change your oil when you can use our mobile hydraulic oil cleaning service to filter your dirtiest oil to a better-than-new condition without a second of downtime? Since hydraulic oil is a mineral, it doesn’t wear out or decompose the way that motor oil does. But it does get dirty, and running hydraulic machines with oil that has become too dirty compromises the service life of every other component in the hydraulic system.

Changing Oil Is Expensive

With the current price of oil as high as it is, changing oil that doesn’t really need to be changed is the last thing you want to do, but waiting too long to change your oil could be even more expensive as it leads to the breakdown of your machinery. Many industrial plants replace their hydraulic oil at regular intervals based on hours in service. The problem with this model is that there are too many operating conditions to account for, and conditions vary wildly from plant to plant, and even within the same plant. By trying to guarantee machine longevity through preventative oil changes, these plants are actually only guaranteed to waste money, either by changing their oil too frequently or not frequently enough.

Scheduling a yearly hydraulic oil cleaning, on the other hand, is far less expensive, removing the guesswork from the equation. In fact, you can clean up to 50 gallons of oil for just $199! Mobile hydraulic oil cleaning is so cost-effective, it’s easy to make it part of your ongoing, preventative maintenance plan -- simply ask for the service the next time you bring FMS out to work on one of your machines.

Changing Oil Is Time-Consuming

When you change the oil in your hydraulic system, your machine is down for anywhere from several hours to several days. Every hour that one of your critical hydraulic systems remains inoperable, your company is losing money.

With mobile hydraulic oil cleaning, FMS saves you money while also increasing your productivity. Cleaning the oil in your hydraulic systems is a much faster process than changing your oil. Adding an oil cleaning service at the same time that we work on your other machines gets you back to work with minimal downtime. Plus, there is no change in viscosity or loss of additives in the process.

Changing Oil Is Risky And Ineffective

The simplest hydraulic systems still have a lot of moving parts. The more complicated the hydraulics, the more complicated it is to change the oil, and the riskier it is to tinker with the system. Every additional component creates extra steps, which create more potential pitfalls -- and that’s before you take into account the personal and environmental hazards of transporting and disposing of the used oil. Even worse, changing your hydraulic oil is not highly effective. Draining and replacing the oil may give you clean oil in the reservoir, but what about the oil in the rest of the system? It remains dirty, and soon mixes with the new oil, resulting in oil that is dirty again soon after it’s been changed.

By contrast, hydraulic oil cleaning is a self-contained process, much like dialysis, which doesn’t require anyone to drain, dispose of, or touch the hydraulic oil. Imagine never having to worry about hydraulic oil spills again! In addition, oil cleaning purifies the oil in the entire system, not just the oil in the reservoir.


A well-maintained hydraulic system’s oil can last indefinitely. Hydraulic oil only breaks down with extreme heat, excessive water saturation, or oxidation. If the oil is cool, clean, and water-free, however, it will remain in the same state as it was when it was poured into the reservoir. Hydraulic oil cleaning does a better job of maintaining your critical hydraulic systems every time, extending the life of your machines and relieving you from costs and maintenance headaches.