Tube bending describes the metal forming process used to permanently form tubes or pipes. Tube and pipe bending is used in a wide assortment of industries—everything from automotive parts to instrument manufacturers to large industrial construction projects. On a micro scale, tube bending is used to form the u-bend of a trombone and other brass instruments. On the macro scale, tube bending can be see in ductwork and pipework in buildings, on ships, and in other heavy construction uses.

Generally speaking, there are two types of bending processes. Press (or compression) bending uses a die set to push and form the tube or profile, while rotary draw bending draws the tube or pipe through several roll wheels that form the tube or pipe to the correct shape. Round tubes are generally used in this metal forming process. However, these machines are not limited to round tubes or pipes alone, but can also extend to more complex shapes, whether square or rectangular.

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