A water jet cutter is a machine tool that uses a very high-pressure jet of water (often mixed with an abrasive substance, like garnets or aluminum oxide) to cut through hard materials, such as metal or stone. Water jet cutting is essentially an accelerated and highly focused form of erosion—the constant friction of water against a solid surface. While laser cutting may provide a more precise cut, water jet cutting is the preferred method for cutting materials that could possibly be damaged by the high temperatures associated with other cutting methods (such as plasma cutting or laser cutting).

For example, these could include cuts to metals with finer finishes or low melting temperatures. There are a variety of water jet cutters on the market today, but they typically fall into two categories. Abrasive jets refer to cutters that use a mixture of water and an abrasive substance, while pure or water-only cutters refer to those that forego the use of an abrasive substance. Water-only cutters tend to be used for cutting softer materials (such as wood and rubber), whereas abrasive jets are used for harder metals, such as steel.



FMS offers the complete line of SEMYX water jet cutters for sale. Each is expertly designed to be a durable and precise cutting solution. Whether you are looking for an introductory water jet cutter or a large-scale industrial water jet cutting system, FMS can meet any and all of your water jet cutting needs.

Cobra® Series Water Jet Cutters

Ideal for Extra-Wide Cutting

The Cobra® Series water jet cutting system is capable of cutting extra large metal sheets up to 15’ wide by any length. This water jet cutter is ideal for mass production environments requiring the cutting of extra large sheets.

Genesis® Series Water Jet Cutters

Ideal for the First-Time Buyer

The GENESIS waterjet cutting series is a unique monoblock design that provides the ideal system for smaller projects and a great introduction for first time waterjet users looking to become familiar with the industry. The rigid mechanical design of the GENESIS allows for high end performance using high quality components often found in other manufacturers elite systems. The compact design of the GENESIS makes installation simple and allows the flexibility for the system to be used in a multitude of locations. The GENESIS series provide various sizes that have been designed to be space friendly and maintain the ability to fit in the most challenging spaces.

Infinity® Series Water Jet Cutter

Optimal for Large-Scale Production

The new and improved INFINITY waterjet cutting series is our built to last flagship series that is suitable for large areas. The INFINITY waterjet cutting system offers precise cutting of extra-large sheets ranging from 10 ft. to 13 ft. wide by as long as needed, which allows for mass production and cutting of large materials. The INFINITY waterjet cutting series allows you to add multiple gantries and additional Z-axis to enable double production on the same machine and higher running speeds. Like all Semyx models, the INFINITY series features a central controller for all modules and CAM software enhancements.

Optima® Series Water Jet Cutters

The Perfect Combination of Durability & Simplicity

The Optima® Series water jet cutting system is the newest SEMYX water jet cutter for sale. This system has a durable industrial design designed for extreme precision, while maintaining a simple operating interface.

Phantom® Series Water Jet Cutter

Durability and Precision Cutting

The new and improved Phantom® Series water jet cutting solution is SEMYX’s flagship water jet cutter for sale. Built to be durable, this water jet cutter has a separate tank with a 3x lifespan that offers better material gripping precision.

Scorpion® Series Water Jet Cutters

Speed, Accuracy, & Precision

The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is the most versatile waterjet cutting system on the market when it comes to speed and accuracy. The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is efficient both in size and price. The control system and the ultra high pressure pump are integrated into the body of all the models in the series resulting in the smallest footprint among all waterjet cutting systems. It also allows for easy access from all three sides. The SCORPION waterjet cutting system is perfect for those looking for a compact footprint and extreme accuracy.