Hydraulic sheet metal shears are used for the mechanical parting of metal. Hydraulic shears are sheet metal cutters that work by bringing a moving shear blade down across a fixed blade. The result is that the metal or material between the two blades is sheared (i.e. cut) by the opposing force of the blades against each other. Some hydraulic metal shears (including our FMS Shears) allow you to program the angle of the moving blade in order to cut edge at a specified angle.

A metal shearing machine is typically made up of a shearing table (where the actual cutting takes place) a holding device (which prevents the metal piece from moving during the shear), and the moving and a stationary shearing blades. All of this is typically regulated by a shear gauging device, which ensures the angle and placement of the material is correct and remains so throughout the shearing process. Our electric sheet metal shears increase productivity for a great value.

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FMS Metal Shears

perfect cutting quality at the right budget

Our FMS Shears are available with cutting capacities from 6mm (1/4”) up to 20mm (.787”) in 10’, 13’ and 20’ lengths.


FMS E-Cut Series

Performance & Value

Swing beam shears are designed to be rugged, everyday-use machines utilized in tough production environments. Its sturdy frame, easy to use touchscreen controller, standard throat and heavy duty backgauge running on precision ballscrews allow for precision cutting requiring tight tolerances. Automatic blade gap adjustment and automatic stroke adjustment make set-up as quick as possible and removes operator error from the equation. This leads to greater production and safer operation.

FMS V-Cut Series

Truly Rugged Performance and Flexibility

FMS V-Cut Series variable rake shears are designed for the most demanding applications offering the most flexibility in cutting choices available. The variable rake angle feature allows the operator to cut different plate thicknesses and types of metal with the optimal set-up specific to each situation. No more compromise! Flat parts with little to no distortion.