Whether building a skyscraper, bridge, ship, or other heavy construction project, structural steel beam drill lines are the backbone of your construction operation. Beam drill lines are often made up of a series of connected machines that allow you to cut, drill, process, and transport structural steel beams and profiles on your construction site. In general, drill lines typically consist of a dual column miter band saw that cuts the beam to the correct size.

Then, a series of roller conveyors convey the beam or profile to the drill lines where holes and slots are drilled or milled into the beam, channel, or structural profile. Finally, the beam is ready for placement (or there are a variety of other structural steel equipment add-ons that can give your drill line further capabilities).


the backbone of your construction operation

FMS delivers some of the best drilling machines on the market, and we can confidently offer some of the best prices on structural steel beam drill lines anywhere. It is not uncommon to save upwards of 20% or more over comparable competitors machines—all while maintaining machine quality, speed, and performance.

3ADM CNC Drilling, Marking, Cutting Line

The Best Value Drill Lines Anywhere!

The 3-spindle model is the ideal choice for maximum time savings on your drill line. With this model, holes can be drilled on the drawing direction while the material remains idle, which means you can make drills without any drive of the profile. There are also four tool-changing systems with four-tooling capacity for each spindle. These benefits (and many more) translate into huge time savings.

Akyapak 3 ADM 1200 CNC Beam Drilling, Marking and Cutting Lines handle material up
to 1200mm (50”) wide by 500mm (20”) high.
These should be considered as an integrated CNC controlled Beam Processing System with Full line of Drilling Line.

2ADM CNC Drilling, Marking, Cutting Line

The Best Value Steel Drill Lines Anywhere!

Our drilling, marking, and cutting lines are the ideal solution for your construction needs. In the 2-spindle model, the material is drawn after single line drilling and brought to the next drilling line. The 2-spindle system is identical to the 3-spindle model, with the exception of the additional z axle.

Angle Punch, Cutting, Marking Line

Best Value Drill Lines Anywhere!

For Sale: Our Angle Punch, Cutting, and Marking Line Machine is designed to automatically punch 40x40mm (1.57”x1.57”) to 160x160mm (6.3”x6.3”) L angle bars up to ø32 and to cut them at programmed lengths quickly and efficiently. This is a new production solution for operators who require quick, yet high quality, operation without unnecessary energy waste.

CNC Flange Drilling Machine

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Based on more than 50 years of development experience, our CNC flange drilling machine is your top choice for drilling, tapping, milling, and marking. Buy it now! This machine is able to drill 6mm (1/4”) to 80mm (3.14”) of thickness in its own working area. The material is driven onto the table via hardened hydraulic clamping jaws assisted by pistons that help to prevent faults and ball rollers.

CNC Plate Drilling Machine

The Best Value Steel Drill Lines Anywhere!

For Sale: This high-processing, 4-axes plate drilling machine delivers premium plate drilling functionality. Special milling machine bit enables marking the plate as well. This machine also boasts a drilling diameter of ø75. You can also further custom the machine to meet your unique requirements.

CNC Plate Drilling Oxy and Plasma Cutting Machine

The Best Value Steel Drill Lines Anywhere!

For additional precision plate-cutting capabilities, we have an oxy and plasma plate drilling machine for sale. With a 10mm / (3/8”) to 40mm (1.57”) drilling capacity, this machine is ideal for nearly all of your heavy construction plate drilling needs. Plasma is available up to 400 Amps with 3” edge start / 2” pierce. 10’x20’ standard sheet. Longer sheets available on request.

Drill Line Band Saw

The Best Value Steel Drill Lines Anywhere!

Our drill line band saws give you precision cutting solutions for your drill line. With servo-motor-driven blade adjustment, you can easily achieve a variety of angled cutting positions, and you can also adjust your cutting speed and its progress based upon the material being cut.