Unlike other types of laser cutters, fiber laser cutters use a flexible fiber-optic cable to channel and amplify light. The light is first created by groups of semiconductors (or diodes) and is then transferred via a fiber cable. When the light exits the fiber, it is straightened and focused onto the material being cut by a movable lens. A fiber laser’s unique fiber properties reduce or eliminate the distortion created by vibrations and temperature variations, providing a much higher integrity beam.

And because fiber lasers have far fewer movable parts (like complex sets of mirrors common in other lasers), they deliver a much more reliable machine with lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, fiber lasers allow you to adjust the power, speed, and frequency of the fiber laser, letting you optimize your machine’s energy spend for each cut.


The Best in Precision Cutting Systems

NUKON Lasers are among the finest fiber laser systems on the market, giving you maximum precision, speed, and quality at an excellent cost. FMS sells four models of Nukon Lasers, each specifically designed to meet your particular applications and budget. Please contact one of our representatives if you are uncertain about which machine is right for you.

ECO Fiber Laser

Precision Laser Cutting on a Budget

Ergonomic and compact, the Eco Fiber Laser delivers high quality, speed, and reliability without breaking your budget. 5’x10’ sheet size. 1 kW – 2 kW power. The machine can be equipped with “IPG” 1000W or 2000W resonators By this type of laser the is no mirrors and no optical elements in the way of the laser beam. By fiber-optic cable it is transported without losses to the work area and also the power losses are ZERO The machine uses “NUKON-GERMANY BIMO FSC” , which is easy for operation and maintenance. The machine has very low power consumption. Total consumption is 7kW Loading and unloading of machined parts is carried out by a pallet changer table with hydraulic height adaption during the cutting process – retrofitting with additional automation functions is possible System to illuminate the work area is part of the standard equipment The working area is provided with a full enclosure and the cutting process can be observed via a special-glass window.  

NF Pro Vento Fiber Laser

For Performance and Precision Laser Cutting

The PRO 315 Vento is the ideal machine for delivering speed and precision with a sheet cutting size of 5’x10’ or 6’x12’. 2 kW up to 6 kW power. Available with Nozzle Cleaning, Auto Nozzle Changer, Loading/Unloading and Pipe Cutting.

NF PRO 315-420-620 + Plus Fiber Laser

Precision Laser Cutting Solutions

The NF Pro delivers the next step up in precision cutting with a sheet cutting capability of 5’x10’, 6’x12’, 6’x20’, 6’x20’, 6’x26’, 8’x20’, 8’x26’. Available with Nozzle Cleaning, Auto Nozzle Changer, Loading/Unloading and Pipe Cutting.