Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through conductive materials (metals like steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, for example) using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. The process takes place by blasting a compressed gas, such as oxygen or air, from a nozzle at high speed towards the metal to be cut. An electrical current is then shot through the gas, creating an electrical arc within the gas.

This process creates a completed electrical circuit from the nozzle to a grounding clamp, and this conductive channel of plasma is capable of producing temperatures high enough to melt metal. The combination of speed and temperature allow the plasma flame to melt and cut directly through the metal.

Plasma cutting is a high-speed way to easily cut through thick and thin metals alike. Because the plasma cutter forms a hyper-localized plasma cone, it is also an effective method of cutting through curved or angled profiles, such as tubes and beams.

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Buy a CNC plasma cutter from FMS

FMS offers two models of FMS oxy and plasma cutters, each expertly designed to offer maximum cut quality while reducing cycle times and material waste. Each of our machines give you the ultimate performance cutting experience coupled with high-precision motion controls.

Ecocut Plasma Table

Economy Plasma Cutting Machine

5ft x 10ft Eco Plasma is a new cost-effective line by FMS. It is touch screen CNC operated and air plasma by Hypertherm.


Plasma Cutting Machine

CompactCut has a solid and stable Monobloc structure that addresses the mid and small range workshops with High Performance Plasma, High-Speed plasma and air plasma by Hypertherm.


Oxy Fuel Plasma Cutting Machine

FMS Oxy plasma cutting machine is a perfect solution for general purpose and heavy duty fabrication. Cutting capacity is up to 12 inches

Plasma Tube and Profile Cutting Machine

High-Quality Profile Plasma Cutting

We also offer a high-quality plasma tube and profile cutting machine to meet all of your profile cutting needs. With a simple-to-use operating system and wheeled drawers under the cutting table, this tube and profile plasma cutting machine is ideal for a compact plasma cutting solution.