A hydraulic ironworker is a class of machine that is used for punching, notching, bending, and shearing metal and other materials. Built of hardened steel, ironworkers are both heavy duty and powerful machines that use robust hydraulic systems to generate the force necessary for each fabricating function.

Ironworkers typically consist of multiple workstations, each equipped for a particular function; and they often come equipped with a wide variety of Ironworker tooling options and dies. Due to their amazing versatility, Ironworkers are the staple machine of fabrication shops and manufacturing environments everywhere.



At FMS, we sell the premium Scotchman Ironworkers: the most versatile and dependable Ironworkers on the market today. We offer the component tool, fully integrated, and dual operator models to meet your particular production needs. The true beauty of a Scotchman Ironworker is its ability to be adapted to your particular needs. So if you don’t know which machine is right for you, no worries! Just let us know and we’ll help navigate you to the perfect machine.

12012-24M Scotchman Ironworker

High Power & Performance

12012-24M - Looking for the ability to punch and shear 1” thick plate (65,000 tensile)? If so, buy this machine for the job.

5014-TM Scotchman Ironworker

World's First 50-Ton, 3-Station Turret Ironworker

5014-TM - The 5014 TM is the world’s one and only 50-ton capacity hydraulic ironworker with a 3-station turret, which accepts up to three different punch sizes. For sale now.

50514-CM Scotchman Ironworkers

For Sale: 50514-CM - With 5 workstations, the 50514-CM is the next step up in fabrication functionality for your shop.

6509-24M Scotchman Ironworkers

65-Ton Capacity Component Tool

6509-24M - This 65-ton capacity hydraulic ironworker is one of the most versatile in its class, boasting largest flat bar shear and angle shear capacity in its class. Buy it today!

9012-24M Scotchman Ironworker

Top Solution for Medium to Large Fabricators for Sale

9012-24M - For medium to large fabricators, the Scotchman 9012-24M Ironworker is a top choice and includes a 90-ton punch capacity and 24” flat bar shear.

DO 120/200-24M Scotchman Ironworker

120-Ton Power Punching Capacity

DO 120/200-24M - Our 120-ton Scotchman Dual Operator Ironworker offers a power punching capacity with a 24” plate shear. Buy now.

DO 135/220-24M Scotchman Ironworker

Rugged Power and Performance

For Sale: DO 135/220-24M - For another step up, this machine boasts a 135-ton punching capacity alongside a 24” plate shear.

DO 150/240-24M Scotchman Ironworker

Superior Performance and Power

For Sale: DO 150/240-24M - The largest dual operator Ironworker in the Scotchman line, this machine punches at a powerful 150-ton capacity, while also delivering a wide 24” plate shear.

DO 70/110-24M Scotchman Ironworker

Boasting a 24" Capacity Angle Shear

DO 70/110-24M - Boasting a 70-ton punch capacity, this dual operator machine also offers the largest capacity angle shear (24”) for a 70-ton model on the market. Buy today!

DO 8514-20M Scotchman Ironworker

Boasting a 85-Ton Punch Capacity

For Sale: DO 8514-20M - With an 85-ton punch capacity, this machine also provides dual operators with a flexible rectangular notcher along with a 20” flat bar shear.

DO 95/140-24M Scotchman Ironworker

Premium Dual Operator Ironworker

Buy now: DO 95/140-24M - This 95-ton punch capacity dual operator Ironworker also offers a 24” plate shear and a rectangular notcher.

FL 8510-20M Scotchman Ironworkers

Fully Integrated Solution

FL 8510-20M - Our fully integrated Scotchman Ironworker FL 8510-20M is a behemoth of performance, offering top of the line power in every category.

Porta Fab 45 Scotchman Ironworker

Ideal for the Small Fabricator

Porta Fab 45 - The Scotchman Porta Fab 45 is the ideal Ironworker for sale for the small fabricator.