Plate Roller Machines

Plate rolls are the ideal machine for metal sheet pre-bending and rolling. A plate rolling machine creates a mechanical advantage by pressing a metal sheet between a top roll and two side rolls. The mechanical advantage allows the machine to press the sheet firmly against the rolls, bending it into a conical or spherical shape. Throughout the process, a pinch roll is typically used to hold the metal plate in the correct position.

There are two types of plate bending processes. Static pre-bending is where the metal sheet is held stationary while a roll runs upward along the sheet, bending the leading edge. Dynamic bending, on the other hand, is where the plate or sheet is in motion while running through the machine. The motion of the sheet allows the machine to work more efficiently, thus increasing the sheet bending thickness.

Plate rolling machines are extremely powerful and able to bend metal sheets of varying thicknesses (typically between ½ to 2 inches). Plate rolls come in 3-roll or 4-roll models. 4-roll models are nearly always CNC automated and specifically designed for large-scale, high-volume plate bending needs.

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Hydraulic Plate Rolls for All Your Metal Bending Needs

FMS offers a premium line of plate rolling machines for all of your needs. Whatever your need, FMS can source your next plate bending machine. Whether you need a smaller introductory machine or a high-volume, large-scale plate bending solution—we’ve got you covered!

AHK 3 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

Premium Hydraulic Bending Machines for Sale

Our 3-Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines produced by AKYAPAK are able to easily bend metal sheets from 2mm to 200mm in thickness.

AHK 4 Rolls Hydraulic Bending Machine

Premium Hydraulic Bending Machines for Sale

FMS delivers AKYAPAK 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines with a bending capacity of 2mm to200 mm thickness and 1000mm to 12000mm in width/length.

ASM 3 Roll Asymmetrical Plate Bending Machine

ASM-S 3 Rolls Asymetrical Plate Bending Machines

Premium Plate Bending Solutions for Sale

Choose from seven models up from 1050 mm to 2050 mm working length with a top roll between 70 and 95 mm.

ASM-S 3 Rolls Asymmetrical Plate Bending Machine

Premium Plate Bending Solutions

Offering a working length between 1600 - 3100 mm, with a top roll of 140 - 200 mm.